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The Westboro Baptist Church : 21st Century Nazis

“Don’t look for logic. There isn’t any.” – Megyn Kelly on the Westboro Baptist Church

A ‘cult’ is defined in the Oxford English Dictionary as ‘a small religious group regarded by other people as strange or as having too great a control over its members.’ A definition perfectly apt for the small radical church based in Topeka, Kansas.

The church was started in 1955 by head minister, Fred Phelps and despite possessing no more than 40 members as of July 2012, the ‘religion’ has caused significant controversy across the United States as well as on foreign shores. Most notably in Louis Theroux’s award-winning documentary ‘America’s Most Hated Family’. The WBC maintain many peculiar yet firm beliefs regarding the way in which a person’s life should be led. The church preaches the immorality of homosexuality at the top of its agenda, drawing from condemning verses of the Old Testament to support its bigotry. The cult is perhaps most infamous for its picketing of dead soldiers’ funerals.

Closet case… Fred Phelps hates homosexuality so much, he decided to devote an entire religion to it

Fred Phelps is the current ‘head’ of the Westboro Baptist Church and at the age of  82 still performs weekly sermons for his hoard of followers. Phelps has an intense hatred for anybody who is not a hate-driven, heterosexual Christian. On several occasions, Phelps has run for office in an attempt to fabricate his clan’s righteous ideas as state law. However, the people of Kansas have made sure he finished dead last in all four of the elections he has participated in. It’s apparent to most that Fred Phelps is a man in possession of great hatred and fear. He professes to have a ‘superior knowledge of the scriptures’ and uses this to justify his intense loathing of minority groups. However, when faced with the daunting task of elaborating on his ‘beliefs’, old white hair comes up short. Only managing to muster vitriolic slurs to his questioner. Apparently, Phelps’ old age is preventing him from remembering why he started this cult or maybe he’s never known why.

Hypocrisy… Saggy Shirley is opposed to pre-martial sex yet has an illegitimate son (and several bastard daughters).

However, evil also manifests itself in the form of Fred’s ‘darling daughter’, Shirley. Haggard mother-of- eleven, Shirley’s hobbies include causing emotional distress to the bereaved families of dead service men and women and indoctrinating her young children with her ideological poison, to the point that WBC could instead stand for ‘We Brainwash Children’. Phelps-Roper prides herself on her hatred for ‘God’s enemies’, often turning her disdain in to parody songs which she spouts at the top of her lungs whenever presented with an evident flaw on the logic of her evil institution. However, Shirley is no saint herself, in my brief period of researching this group of sick individuals, I’ve uncovered three instances of her sinful behaviour; a video on YouTube contains audible footage of her denouncing the name of her Lord by proclaiming ‘Oh my God’ on two occasions, Phelps-Roper nearly always wears more than one type of material and the deranged baby factory also has an illegitimate child. And if the sight of leather suitcase-skinned Shirley isn’t enough to provoke a gag reaction, the revolting effect she has on her own children should be. It is not uncommon to see her children as young as seven picketing on the streets with signs reading ‘God Hates Fags’, whilst the church is under siege from missiles. The indoctrinating effect she has had on her children is apparent with them lighting up any time any semblance of a normal life is mentioned in conversation. However, they are normally found laughing at the idea of others burning in hell as well as carrying themselves with an overt over-kindness, a common characteristic in deranged psychopaths. But as their dearest ‘Gramps’ would have it, they remain the cold, emotionless, hate-mongering act that God would want.

“We’re nice to everyone at school. They don’t like the message when we say they’re going to hell.” – Ex-WBC member, Megan Phelps-Roper

Among their core beliefs of the WBC is the intense fear and hatred of homosexuality with member often flocking to the streets to spread the message of their disdain. The church prides itself on the production of placards labelling them as fags, sodomites and queers, despite the fact that the word ‘queer’ means weird and given that there is only 40 members of the WBC and 750 million homosexuals worldwide,  is a word better applied to the church itself. This hatred of gays is so deep-seeded that Shirley Phelps-Roper strangled her dog to death when she caught it humping another male dog, a feat she proudly boasted about on Twitter. The hatred is absurd, although there is no denying the anti-gay verses found in Leviticus, Jesus’ message was one of love for everyone and so was King David’s to Jonathan, who said “I am distressed for you, my brother Jonathan; You have been very pleasant to me. Your love to me was more wonderful Than the love of women.” So, the question really is; who was the attractive young stud that didn’t call Fred Phelps back all of those years ago?

Every dog has its day… Except for Shirley Phelps-Roper

If the gay-hating debacle isn’t enough to prove that the Westboro Baptist Church’s hypocrisy knows no bounds, it should be noted that they also hate jews… whilst simultaneously worshipping their king. The church condemns the Jews as ‘money-grabbers’ and ‘untrustworthy’, a claim made in spite of the fact that members of the WBC are REQUIRED to donate 10% of their earnings to funding the church. In fact, in Theroux’s 2011 documentary follow-up, our favourite clan of bigots was well under way in making an anti-Semitic video promoting the swastika as a positive image, so the strap-line ’21st Century Nazis’ wasn’t just a condemnation of these disturbed individuals, it is actually shamefully factual.

Stumped… Jewish comedian, Brick Stone asks Shirley if she has ever experienced an orgasm.

In a nutshell, the Westboro Baptist Church are a radical movement of a few individuals so notorious for their sick jibes at fallen soldiers and determination to make God a manifestation of hate, ironically similar to the notion of Satan that they are in fact banned from entering the United Kingdom (You can send thank you letters to Theresa May for that one). Even the most devout of Christians are repulsed by the sight of these individuals who attract even larger groups of counter protests, the funniest of which can be found on YouTube. Bible bashers of many denominations frequent to their rallys in order to spread the word of Christ, in opposition to their hateful preaching. As a matter of fact, the cult is so deranged, they refuse to listen to reason and have genuine belief that Barack Obama is the anti-Christ and that they will be rescued from America by Air Force One and delivered to a pink cave in Jordan whilst the States explode. If you’re too lazy, to have read this entire article then you should at least know that the WBC are convinced despite any form of logic or evidence that God hates everyone but 40 oddballs dwelling in an obscure Kansan suburb. So, if they’re the only ones allowed in to heaven, I’m fairly certain that ‘hell’ is the better option.