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Déjà Blue – Leicester Plunged Into Managerial Turmoil

With every new season comes a fresh set of expectant foxes and with the inspiration of London’s 2012 Olympic Games and last season’s failures a not so distant memory, Leicester fans had been more expectant than ever of setting the record straight. The season started well for the Foxes with a convincing 2-0 home win over Peterborough United. Nevertheless, three consecutive defeats to Charlton, Blackburn and Burton Albion would leave some fans calling for Pearson’s head.

Under fire… Some Leicester fans are calling for Pearson’s removal

It appears to be the same old for Leicester just four games in to the competitive campaign. A vicious cycle consisting of pre-season hype, an opening day win followed by a handful of defeats and in fickle Leicester fan nature, boos are already ringing around the King Power Stadium.  First4LCFC carried out a Twitter poll following Leicester’s league cup exit asking whether Pearson should stay or go with 76% wanting the manager to remain in his position. However, just under a quarter of Leicester fans still think even more change is best for the club.

But the minority campaigning for Pearson’s dismissal seem to have obtained short-term memory loss. It is no secret that last season, Leicester fans bemoaned our dreadful lack of consistency, a quality that is key to escaping this division at the right end. So changing our manager FOUR games in to the season is surely nothing but a hindrance? If we go back as early as last October and the dismissal of Sven-Goran Eriksson, we can see that changing managers mid-season is not beneficial, leading to months of false dawns and ultimately disappointment. As the saying goes, mistakes are made to be learned from and if we learned anything from Sven’s reign at Leicester, it’s that knee-jerk decisions get you no where in football.

Harsh…Sven was a victim of City’s fickle fanbase.

Another point to argue is that of Leicester legend, Martin O’Neill who came under fire during his early days at the club following some disappointing results. However, given time and patience  he managed to lead Leicester to two major trophies and gave us a wealth of Premier League memories on his way to becoming one of Leicester’s greatest ever bosses. It’s imperative that we back Pearson during this season. The key to success in the second tier is consistency and that has to start with the manager. The Foxes had been playing well in the league and have been unlucky to take just 3 points when we should have had at least 7.  Leicester also made 8 changes from the starting line-up at Blackburn for the mid-week 4-2 defeat at home to Burton Albion, indicating that some fans may be catastrophising.

Admittedly, it’s not the start that many had hoped for. Most people craved for us to hit the ground running and avoid playing catch-up to the league’s early leaders but sacking Nigel Pearson will only make that challenge harder. There’s no denying that we need to start turning performances in to results and that any Leicester side should be dealing with the likes of Burton Albion but those defeats are in the past now and there are still a minimum of 44 competitive fixtures left this season. So all Leicester fans really need to do is follow the club’s now cliched mantra and keep the faith.