18 years old, from Leicester, England. I’m a big fan of Leicester City FC and Modern Family, cat-owner, Lib Dem supporter, Canadaphile. The Daily Mail doesn’t like me and I’m very proud of that.

Twitter: @ChrisRWhiting


  1. Re. Stevenage: Without meaning to sound rude, who the hell did you ask? I can assure you we have very little rivalry with MK Dons (as much as any other League One club) and as for Dagenham never heard that mentioned as a rival when discussed between fans before.

    I’ll grant you Barnet as close a rival you’ll find.

    We don’t really have rivals since Woking went shit.

    Anyway, good effort to compile such a list. Nice idea.

    1. The link was posted on general football forums and Twitter. Given the fact, I’m a 17-year-old A-Level student I didn’t have the time to post it on every single football club forum and of course I couldn’t include non-league clubs as the survey provider stated too many options were listed and an open box question was banned to ‘prevent fraud’.

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