It’s Derby & Forest – Leicester are all on their own.

When the FA Cup 4th round draw pitted Leicester City against Derby County, it was inevitable that the great debate of the East Midlands derby would rear its ugly head again.

Of course, the irony never dawns on Derby and Forest fans that mentioning Leicester in every conversation about the East Midlands derbies doesn’t quite support their claims that the Foxes are irrelevant but alas, intelligence is not one of their passions.

It’s time to settle this once for all. My fellow Leicester fans; there is no rivalry with us and Derby, or us and Forest. Derby and Notts Forest are much better suited.

They play for the Nigel Clough trophy, a testament to some things they did apparently – we don’t compete with each other for anything! Think about, Derby don’t care so much they don’t even try to beat Leicester – that’s why we’ve won eight of the last nine matches against them. They don’t care.


Of course though, the main reason why Leicester doesn’t bother the Derby and Notts Forest lovealry is that City are just out of the league, figuratively and quite literally.

Since 2000, Leicester have won 45% of matches against both, losing just 24% – no contest. In living memory, the Foxes have won 3 trophies, Derby have won 5 and Forest have 4. But when you subtract honours that weren’t made up by a 50 year old virgin, both Forest and Derby are left with none.

On top of that, Forest spent three seasons in League One in the last decade, by all accounts, by being in a Championship relegation scrap; they’re overachieving based on their historic level.


And, Derby are literally the worst team in history. 11 points, we got more points than that against three clubs in the Champion’s League this season

I truly do not understand how there is any rivalry between Derby and Leicester or Forest and Leicester. As Leicester City are now the biggest club in the Midlands, and England, for that matter, it wouldn’t make sense for the Foxes to waste disdain on smaller clubs.

After all,  we don’t call Mansfield or Chesterfield rivals. You don’t see Manchester United interfering with Bury vs. Rochdale, or Arsenal interjecting between Barnet vs. Enfield Town. This is exactly the same, except obviously the chasm between us and football’s smallest frenemies is currently larger.


Foxes fans now view other clubs as their main rivals. In fact, if you carried out a survey on the Leicester fan base – I would wager Derby and Forest would go unmentioned. These days, Leicester save their hate for Tottenham Hotspur, Chelsea and FC Porto – these are our rivals. Derbingham Founty don’t deserve to mention themselves in the same breath as Leicester City. We don’t need another club’s attention to feel important when we have hardware and continental football.

We’re the world famous Champions of England –  and we’re loving it on our own.

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