5 TV Characters I Would Have as Dinner Guests

I’m having a dinner party and there are six seats at the table, including one for myself. Who do I choose to join me?

Leslie Knope

Who could not want such an infectious positive energy at their dinner party? Leslie is fun, vivacious and entertaining, okay she can get a little annoying but she’s probably really hilarious when she’s drunk so if I encourage her to drink loads it will be great. Also, she’s political so just imagine the glorious conversation we could have

Cameron Tucker

Now, if you know me, you know I live for Modern Family and funnily enough Cameron is not my favourite character, he’s not even in the top five but as a dinner guest, he’s probably the best choice. Again, he can be quite over the top but these are TV characters they’re supposed to be, and he’s good for a story or three.

Selina Meyer

I need even more political women in my life and Selina Meyer is just the sassiest woman to ever grace the fictional version of the West Wing. Seriously she’s funny, catty and downright vulgar, I would absolutely have her sat next to me in case our other dinner guests get too irritating and we can delight in each other’s bitchiness. She can bring Gary too and he can wait on the tables I guess. Also, imagine a drunken Knope vs. Meyer debate – a dream come true.

Connor Walsh

Okay, this guy’s character is far less exciting as the others, he’s a sociopath, a little evil but importantly he is absolutely stunning. Connor can sit opposite me and play footsie with me while I enjoy the meal, then he can spend all of five seconds trying to seduce me and we can go to a different room for dessert. He may be a smaller personality but he’s super hot and hugely endearing. sjdasjfsjfqjpqoptpwq

Gabrielle Solis

I actually might fancy this woman more than Jack Falahee (aka Connor Walsh). She’s seriously stunning. Gabrielle Solis is a loveable bitch, she has so many selfish tendencies but always seems to redeem herself with kindness. She’s funny, intelligent and glamorous, I just need a spicy, petite Latina diva in my life and she fits the bill perfectly. Also, Eva Longoria called me sweet once so you know…

Honourable mentions

  • Edie Britt
  • Every single other Modern Family character
  • Robin Scherbatsky
  • Roger from American Dad
  • Raven Baxter
  • Zack Morris
  • Jane Kerkovich-Williams & Brad Williams

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