Stand Aside, Let the Refugees In!

It’s a disgrace! Thousands and thousands of migrants are trying to get in to our country illegally, and Mr. Cameron and the British government are doing absolutely nothing about it. Thousands of them, climbing aboard Lorries and whatnot, just so they can come and make our county their refuge – the situation’s absolutely appalling. If you’re reading this, bobbing your head a long thinking that these migrants have no right to swarm in to our nation and there should be a stern, brutal response to halt them, then shake your head some more – you’re the disgraces I’m talking about.

It’s far too easy for Britons to sit on a plinth of privilege and cast a casual eye of disdain at those trying to force entry in to the country. It’s easy for us to assume they are all benefit tourists, if such a thing even exists, and disregard what are clearly very desperate people willing to do very dangerous things to change their lives, as nothing more but unwelcome economic lepers.

Focal point… Migrants have attempted to enter the UK via the channel tunnel

But, the thing is, the migrants in Calais are not a gigantic welfare absorbing conspiracy intent on snatching jobs, damaging infrastructure and compelling Nigel Farage to feel awkward on his train commutes. These people, like I have said, are completely bereft of hope. Let’s apply some logic here, do you really think people would try and cling to the underside of HGVs for twenty-six miles just so they can claim a modicum of welfare from the British taxpayer? No, of course not.

The fact this foul pandemic of anti-immigrationism has now led to a point where many are completely stripping any human attachment to these migrants is distressing and harks back to an era we cannot return to. Even glancing through social media, I have seen the disgusting responses from users when reports of migrants trying to come to Britain are tweeted. Nearly all suggest “flooding the tunnel”, “shooting them” among other things. In fact, when one migrant died last week, there were even brazen boasts of having “one less to worry about.”

These are desperate people, how have we again reached a height of xenophobia, where people are happy to laud over those trying to escape unimaginable barbarism and squalor purely on the basis of the accident of their own birth in a place where no such scenario is worth contemplating? We are the privileged and we need to remember that. People talk a lot about ‘British values’, a virtually vacuous term aimed to install a bit of pride in the nation’s people. One value often assimilated with this fixed ‘Britishness’ is compassion, but we are so deficient of it for these poor people based on the work of Rupert Murdoch, The Daily Mail and UKIP’s purple mist of hate.

Leader… Lib Dem leader Tim Farron has called for the UK to adopt the migrant quota

This crisis need not be a crisis if we actually practiced what we arrogantly attest to be our nature, and let the migrants fleeing genuine tyranny in. Why has David Cameron and his Conservative government deferred any sort of decision on this gargantuan issue so his party can launch fronts of genocide against badgers, foxes and bees instead? What are a few extra pounds spent on helping those in genuine need? What’s cutting out one caramel latte a week, what difference is that compared to the difference a safe haven would make for those fleeing the wickedest of regimes? These are not just statistics for The Daily Express to manipulate for electoral gain – we are talking about real human lives, and real human suffering. We need to sign up to the EU migrant quota and take in our fair share of refugees, we cannot stand idly by while this humanitarian emergency occurs.

Of course, there are practical concerns whenever migrants come in to an already densely populated nation but let’s not misplace our aggravation here. Admittedly, 60,000 migrants will put a tiny strain on the nation, but we need to look at the bigger picture and realise that saving the lives of those brave enough to attempt an escape is worth slightly loosening the purse strings. If you don’t understand that this is not about a swarm of opportunistic vultures sponging off the electorate, and you cannot fathom why people are appalled at the sight of thousands disregarding the tragic deaths of those in the channel tunnel as a victory for the convenience of this privileged nation, then you at least need to understand that that’s because you are lucky, if you were on the other side of that tunnel, you would have a different view entirely.

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