Freedom To Donate

Today marks the official launch of a campaign I have helped somewhat to build, and one with a cause I’m extremely passionate about. That campaign is Freedom To Donate. The campaign demands a review in to the archaic, discriminatory and nonsensical prohibitions on MSM (men who have sex with men) from donating blood simply due to their sexual activity and not on an individual risk assessment. This out-of-touch ruling is destroying lives – and together we can progress equality and prevent so many unnecessary deaths.

It has been a pleasure to help lobby MPs to support this campaign and an upcoming bill to be debated in parliament. Whilst this has been a harmonious, successful, cross-party movement (yes, even some of the Tories), I am especially thankful to the Lib Dem MPs for all of their support. I have had meaningful conversations with them all and have only seen passionate and positive responses in return. I would especially like to thank leader Tim Farron for being an unwavering voice of justice and righteousness for the campaign and, along with Caroline Lucas of the Greens, placing it at the forefront of their parties’ agendas.

However, politicians aren’t the only ones who can help make this a reality. You can get involved and help save thousands and thousands of lives, and spare thousands and thousands unfair guilt and shame;

Follow Freedom To Donate on Twitter;

Watch the campaign video;

Join the thousands who have already signed the petition;

Learn more about why this ban should be lifted;

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