Culture Clash : Things Americans do that Brits hate

To start, let me say that Britain and America are bezzie mates, at least politically. We like you, we really do, I mean we don’t like you as much as your cooler Northern neighbours but that’s a different story. Anyway, the point I’m trying to make is that this post is purely for fun and nothing is really meant by it. Please still be our friends. 

1. Aggressive patriotism

Now, don’t misunderstand. Most Britons love their country. In fact, patriotism was at an all-time high during the Olympics and the Queen’s jubilee celebrations last year but Americans’ love for their country is a different kettle of fish. The average Brit won’t take kindly to you using phrases such as ‘greatest nation on earth’, ‘God bless, America’ or chanting ‘USA! USA! USA!’ repeatedly. In the States, you see the star-spangled banner hung from every other building. Here, you’ll only find a Union Jack on the beach front of Skegness. Maybe, we’re just jealous of how much pride you have for your country. Or maybe, we still feel a little awkward about the whole ‘Empire’ thing.

Proud… Your love for your country upstages ours.

2. Mispronunciation of UK place names

Get an American to look at these two place names; Leicester and Loughborough and then ask them to pronounce them. They probably will be unable too. While we know they’re pronounced as LES-STER and LUFF-BROH, some and I stress some Americans have been known to refer to them as LAY-SESS-TER and LOO-GUH-BUH-ROO-GUH. I suppose we can’t be too hard on you though, we do like to pronounce things completely differently to how they’re spelt. And in fairness, I’d imagine those from the north-eastern states are quite apt at interpreting the pronunciation of British place names, seeing as we creatively named every bleeding town up there after one of our own.

Sad… I wish everyone knew how to pronounce the name of my hometown

3. Therapy 

Americans love their therapy. They use it liberally and why not? It’s an effective way of raising issues with a mediator to allow all parties the chance to voice concerns. Us Brits don’t understand this, we’re more for repressing our issues and deep-seeded anger and letting it bubble up later in the form of sarcastic quipping.

Open… Even America’s favourite family uses therapy

4. The hatred of ‘Jaywalking’

This is more of a personal one. When I went to America last summer, there was nothing the average pedestrian was called up on more than ‘jaywalking’. For those of you that don’t know; ‘Jaywalking’ is walking to the other side of the street when the road is clear but traffic has not been halted by a red light. In the UK, it is called crossing the road.

Absurd… Americans like to make crossing the road a difficult experience

5. American Sports

People of all nations will be reading this bit and in their head shouting ‘YES!’. We hate your sports and everything about them. We hate the cheerleaders, the pop stars doing the half-time show, the silly commercialised names, I mean what is with the ‘New York Red Bulls’? The local derbies of the MLS are even sponsored by car manufacturers, for goodness sake! We hate the paegantry, sports in the UK are for getting merry and singing amusingly hurtful songs to the other team not for catching a sneak preview of Miley Cyrus’ latest single. We’re driven insane by the fact baseball’s prime competition is called the ‘World Series’ despite the fact all but two of the world’s nations don’t bother to compete. But, most of all we hate what you call ‘football’. You have tainted our favourite creation. This will always be a blip in American-British relationships, one for which we will probably NEVER forgive you.

Pageantry… Brits dislike the showbiz nature of US sports

6. How much you love our accent

At first, we have to admit, it’s very flattering when you compliment us on our accents. In Britain, we aren’t very complimentary to each other’s dulcet tones. But you lot seem to love it – if you head Stateside you’ll be greeted by people asking ‘where is that accent from?’ before they politely pretend to have heard of a small commuter village outside of Huddersfield. But it does go a bit far when you then reel off lists of phrases that you want us to say in ‘British’, which isn’t a language by the way, nor an accent. In fact, some of our accents are as audibly offensive as some of yours. Also, do we always have to be the bad guys in movies? We’re not all evil.

Diverse… For a small country, we have many accents.

7. Geographical ignorance

Again, I think this annoys me more than most Brits. I like to know about geography and I’m sure many of you are very knowledgeable too but a lot of Americans seem to think that London is the be all and end all of old Blighty. You don’t know the names of our counties but I can name all fifty of your states (I’ve done it many times). Maybe, we don’t like that you don’t reciprocate our appreciation of your country’s geography.  Then again, if I’m honest, I’d probably be as ignorant as many of you, if my country had the wonderfully varied landscape yours has. Just know this, at least. We don’t all live in London and whilst we’re on the subject, we’ve never met the Queen either.

Ignored… There are more places in the UK than London

8. Taking credit for others work

Americans and Brits have learnt to avoid certain topics of conversation over the years and at the top of that list are the events of World War II. A tip for all of you, never say to a Briton that you ‘saved our ass in World War II’ or that we’d ‘be speaking German now if it wasn’t for you’. We appreciate your help and over the years, we’ve been great allies to each other but Brits see these sorts of comments as a huge mark of disrespect to our armed forces. We also don’t really appreciate your tardiness in said events either but hey ho. Another thing that grinds our gears is when the American flag appears next to the ‘English’ option on a language selector – we would probably settle for the bisecting half-flags of the States and the UK but ignore our flag altogether and we are not amused.

Irritating… It was our language first

9. Your chocolate

I think you’ll agree with us – our chocolate is better than yours. In honesty, ours isn’t even that good but at least it’s not Hershey’s! I’m not being melodramatic here, I once tasted a Hershey’s kiss and it tasted like vomit. Chocolate stateside generally tastes burnt and bland, not velvety smooth and sweet like we’re used to over here. Many Brits were actually appalled when Kraft bought Cadbury’s a few years back, I was simply happy for you.

Vile… There’s a reason they’re shaped like turds.

10. Your spelling

No surprises here. We hate the way you spell words. Why do you hate the letter ‘U’ and why do you love Zs (Zeds) so much? If we’re honest, this is one of the few reasons we prefer Canada. Although, they’ve fallen victim to your movement for excessive usage of the alphabet’s 26th letter, they at least know how to spell ‘centre’ eh?

Different… Americans have mutated the English language.

11. Your interest in our dental hygiene

Our teeth are not that bad. Yes, some of us have some dental issues but we’re not that bothered. You seemed to be more concerned about the alignment of our gnashers than we are! We care more about bad breath. I’m not really sure where this stereotype started – I for one don’t know anyone with horrible teeth. Maybe you’ve been watching too much of the Jeremy Kyle show? In fact, speaking of trashy talk shows, we get the Jerry Springer show here, we know your teeth aren’t always perfect either!

False… I don’t mean the teeth

12. Your politeness

Okay, we don’t actually dislike this, it just baffles us. It genuinely confuses the average Briton when in the US, a stranger stops to say hello or help you take a picture or carry something. When Americans in restaurants or shops are polite and compliment us for being good customers, or if any American compliments us in general, we immediately think to scour your face for traces of sarcasm and when we find nothing, our brains nearly explode. Your politeness is so wonderfully genuine that our overly cynical mindset simply cannot cope.

Okay… Google thinks this is a picture of ‘friendly Americans’

That completes my list. I hope nobody was too offended and thus, I invite any American to do the same thing for us Britons – we love to put ourselves down.


  1. Great article and very funny! Particularly agree with the last point. Some Americans are so pure-white polite and nice without an agenda that it comes across as very unsettling to us cynical Brits who are used to either taking the piss out of the people we like or just generally being rude to those we don’t!

    1. It is a very wonderful article. I’m American, and I’ve lived in the UK for eleven years now. I was taught from a very young age to be polite and meticulous about it, to be hospitable and to catch myself if I was rude and apologise (note the correct British spelling!). When I came to this country, I had no idea what ‘taking the piss’ was, and even my British husband was amazed at my utter lack of interest in being rude. I’m not saying I am nice all of the time, I’m not. But I try never to be deliberately rude or sarcastic. I sometimes leave work wondering ‘what’s wrong with me?’ 😦

      1. Thanks Lelia! There is nothing wrong with being polite meticulous in the USA or in the UK. When non-friends are communicating then they should be polite, neutral, and accurate. Sacaasm leads to hostilities and we both have enough enemies on both sides of the ocean – not the pond. We do not need more.

      2. What does “taking the piss out of” mean? Is that like ribbing? I’m American. Northern Californian, specifically, and we are very nice, generous, helpful and polite to strangers. But when something goes wrong and good will breaks down, watch out! We aren’t just sarcastic, we become emotionally unhinged, downright rude and even aggressive. Since you Brits have your guard up, you aren’t deeply affected by small offenses and therefore you seem to exhibit better self-control. Maybe that’s the downside of our genuineness.

    2. Eh. Most of us here in California tend to be cynical. Well I do, really ought to get a word filter. Seriously though, some of us have the first instinct to insult people. Or just be nonchalent, maybe you went and visited Michigan or somewhere. I just know New Yorkers and Californians tend to be rude as heck. It’s just that beind polite tends to come first hand to most people. Though being me is first insinct for me. But heh, that’s just me being me. Now I’ve got to… eh, not be bored I guess. ,Math is boring. Really boring.

      1. Unfortunately, I have lived with some of what Travis has said. It would be wrong to tarnish every British person with the same brush. But I could both laugh and cry at what you have written.

  2. I liked you list. I would argue ‘we’ (Americans) spell the words correctly versus the way the Brits do. One thing that is better in the US – we have better food (and I am not referring to McDonalds and Burger King). I am curious, as a Brit, who is Britain ‘closer’ to? The US? Or another European country?

    1. I would argue that that claim is ludicrous! English people spell words correctly because the language is ours! Your food is probably better but neither of our countries’ cuisines are particularly great! There’s quite a lot of cultural mismatch with the rest of Europe. Culturally we are much closer with the big six nations of the Anglosphere. Politically, we are closest to the United States and Canada, without question.

      1. I’ve heard that in the Revolutionary War, American colonists deliberately changed up our language to infuriate the Brits. Apparently it still infuriates them to this day ;D

  3. I think you are wrong about American food and British food, even if it is ‘tongue in cheek’, lol. I’ve eaten food from other cultures that has been as it is originally prepared by the culture in question, and ‘Americanized’ and ‘Anglicised versions of that same food.

    For instance, as a kid I have eaten Americanized Italian food, Chinese food, Mexican food, Thai food, Greek food and even British food (our version of toad in the hole I ate in my high school cafeteria was good, but not as good as here). As a young adult living in New York City, I experienced dishes made by people of these cultures, and living here in the UK, I’ve eaten English versions of most of these. I’ve even had Anglicised American food, which is sometimes very good and sometimes not quite right.

    From my ‘vast’ (or not so vast) experience, I can say that the quality of food depends on the quality of the cook. I love English roast dinners, with those wonderfully crispy roast potatoes that we don’t generally do in the US, but I also love our pot roasts, which have the same meat and veg but are prepared differently. I love that part of every really British Christmas dinner has Brussels sprouts, something I would never eat as a kid but now I enjoy very much.

    The only US food I like better than its UK counterpart is applesauce. For us, it is as much a dessert as cake or jelly, whereas here it is mostly a side sauce for pork (and yes, it is used that way in the States as well). However, I love UK apples. 😛

  4. THANK YOU! YOURE SOO RIGHT ABOUT AMERICAN BLIND PATRIOTISM AND THEIR STUPID SPORTS! Americans hate football because they cant play it. Nobody but americans care for their dumb “superbowl”! its soo dumb that they need to bring in singers during half time so people dont fall asleep
    and you should of added their ignorant racial classifications due to their slavery history.

    1. I assume when you said Americans hate football you meant soccer.I am a Mexican American and I love my country so yup blind patriotism but ik plenty of other Mexican Americans who love soccer I just don’t like it because I was raised playing baseball. Which is a other sport you Brits hate which idk why? I’m sorry about my grammar I am being lazy.

  5. Too much strong sentence, but mark my words even after 50 or 100 years from now USA will be superpower, the naked fact is USA has more cultural diversity and they mean what they say not like a Brit pretentious conversation and formalities. No offence Brits. As far as food is concerned I am Indian and my friends who are studying ar Princeton and NJIT tells you name the food it and they have it, this may differ person to person. The fact is American history is just less than 300 years old and to become and maintain a status of superpower is an MARVEL in itself. USA is self build, brave and challenge the unseen. Britaiin despite looting numerous nations on the planet with their greed look where it stands todays. Look at the engineering projects in USA and in UK. How can people even compare GIANT will goat. Just wiki the info of these two nations. I agree BEING A GREAT NATION COMES GREAT challenges and difficulties. This continent has different time zone what about UK? Wake up!!

    1. Delusions of grandeur. Your time zone argument is simply laughable. This was tongue in cheek but thanks for proving the national arrogance point. You are a world power. Not THE world power. And while we’re talking facts. America was a nation built on massacre and is a hive of homicide even today. For a Western country, the United States is nowhere near as socially progressive as the UK, Canada etc. It is you that needs to wake up, and realise America is beset with flaws and this post was purely for fun. I love the American people. Not as much as Canadians – obviously.

    2. So basically you’re saying that America is the best country and will one day rise up above all else? Really? Now I understand why other countries call us arrogant -_-

  6. Hello,
    My apologies to inform you that part of this is wrong. You’re saying Americans are polite. As a Canadian, and I’m sorry to say, they are not polite. In fact we baffle them with our kindness.

    1. As I said in an earlier post, I’m an American who has lived in the UK since 2002. Like every country, we have great numbers of Americans who were brought up to be polite, and great numbers who were not, or who have decided to push away the politeness they were brought up with. I have met Canadians who were very polite, and Canadians who were not. I’m not sure any nationality should be ‘painted with a broad brush’. I love the UK, Canada, and the US, and I like being around people who are polite. I’m sorry for every American who has ever been impolite to people from other countries.

      1. Love your comments, Leila! And you’ve proved your politeness in every one of them! I will reciprocate with your last statement and say that I’d like to apologise for ever Brit who has ever been rude just because someone is American! I love the openness and friendliness of Americans I have met online and when in the UK. That willingness to make friends and to offer reciprocal hospitality “If you’re ever in my state” is heartwarming even if it baffles our safety conscious minds! As for cold good manners that some Americans here have stated? I’m afraid that all too often I’d agree that it is just bad manners!
        The friends I have made online cured my depression because I have always been drawn to warmhearted folk and every last one of those ladies was not afraid to open her heart and say, “You are kind, you are sweet”. I felt I was doing some good at last and that I might truly have some good qualities. I hope you get to visit Northumberland where the tendency to smile and chat remains. We would love to meet such
        I’ll even do that so unBritish thing and say, I’d love to and be honoured to meet you some time. Please do look me up if you have Facebook and if this link is good send me a friend request if you would like to!

  7. Another “look at me” amateur blogger. Not a single ounce of wit and poorly written. Stick to working in Sainsbury’s or whatever minimum wage job you have, writing is clearly not your talent

    1. Ironically, I didn’t seem to find a trace of wit in that comment either and I’d certainly contend that I’m better at writing than you are at trolling. Why do you hate yourself?

  8. I agree with nearly all of the points made. Seriously, what’s with the spelling ‘aluminum’? It hurts my brain and ears hearing Americans pronounce aluminium incorrectly.

  9. This post was great. I think a lot of Americans would agree with many of the points you make about our own country. Yes, there are the bog standard ones you mention (i.e. London representing all of England/UK), but there are some that get under our skin, as well. I now live in the UK and having come from one of the Southern states, there are many sentiments expressed in this article that would apply to the North towards the South. In other words, Yankees (which means those who were not confederates during the civil war) would be baffled by the South’s innate politeness. There are also many Americans, myself included, that are baffled by our own sense of extreme patriotism (often what I refer to as ‘blind patriotism’). To be from a country and to love a country does not mean you have to plaster it all over the shop. However, and even though I detest American Football, Cricket is a severe mystery to many countries that are outside the commonwealth. Also, the game you guys call ’rounders’ is a confused version of Baseball; and whether you invented it or not, it is much easier to follow now that it’s Baseball. But you’ve got me on Basketball (even though I see loads of BBall courts around now!), Football and ‘Soccer’. Job well done.

  10. Brits were always nice to me overseas except for a few, but that could be any race. But, I had problems with these American Army dudes in Germany.My own countrymen wanted to kill me. Yet, the Germans in the bar took my side and was ready to die fighting for me. They tore up those Army guys, and it was a nice bar fight.

    I hated London and the UK. It rained a lot and the food was horrible. The indian food was yummy, though. It was so boring in the UK. I had more fun in mainland Europe. Rome and Athens were breathtaking.

    1. You hated London because it rained all of the time? Just look at our position on a world map – Longitudinally, we are equal to the middle of Russia and Canada. This country is cold…and wet. To expect anything else is ignorant on your part. To say that the UK is boring, although clearly only your opinion, is also very unfair. I assume that you considered Rome and Athens breathtaking due to their ancient architecture? Clearly you didn’t visit Stonehenge…that is 4000 years old. Ironically (considered that you liked Rome so much yet hated the UK) there are a number of buildings / ruins in this country dating back to the Roman Empire. The UK is not boring, you just have to know where to look.

  11. I have a list of things I hate about the British:

    Most Brits have an American inferiority complex. True Story. Stephen Fry talks about this a lot. And most British media utlets agree. Even ex PM Gordon Brown agreed.
    Brits are too patriotic. come on, fly the Union Jack couch pillows are alittle too much.
    Brits try to emulate French fashion.
    British hypocrites. I mean it’s okay to hate American, but using Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Twiter, Microsoft, and watching American movies sort of makes you a hypocrite.
    The constant reminder of the British empire. We know you had the largest Empire. But, we also know you’re the biggest empire that ever fell.

    1. “I mean it’s okay to hate American, but using Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Twiter, Microsoft, and watching American movies sort of makes you a hypocrite”

      Did you know that the only reason all websites are possible is because of the World Wide Web, which was created by a British man?

      There would be no Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr or any other website in existence if it wasn’t for this British man’s (Tim Berners Lee) invention.

      If you hate British people so much, why do you use the World Wide Web?
      Why are you on a Web browser as a Web client, viewing Web pages that are stored on Web servers?

      I’m sure you Americans have stolen numerous British shows and you Americans love Doctor Who and Sherlock, when the licence fee for the BBC comes out of the pocket of the British public.

      Aren’t you people the ones that are obssessed with British TV and your girls are obssessed with One Direction?

      So, by your logic, does that mean Atheists should drop out of uni and quit getting a degree because it was Muslims that created degree-granting universities? Or Atheist scientists should stop conducting physics experiments because a Muslim scholar from the 10th century took it to the practical stage? Do we all stop drinking coffee because it is thought to be invented by Muslims and should we stop using cameras because the same Muslim scholar/physicist that took physics to the experimental stage, also discovered the camera obscura phenomenon, which influenced modern develolment of cameras? Should doctors quit using surgical instruments because some were invented by Muslims. Also, should we quit going to hospitals for treatment because it was by Muslims?

      The last one is funny because a patriotic American thought Benjamin Franklin invented the hospital.

      Another patriotic American thought that Bill Gates was a founding father.

      And another one was when another patriotic American said: “Somebody Tried To Tell Me There Was 50 States In America. Nuh Uh Cause The Scientists Found Out That Pluto Dont Exist. We Got 49 Dumbass.”

      That’s all…

      1. so your saying that by making the Internet anything made using the Internet is british so you take reposniblity for all the good and the bad like Google,Twitter,Instagram and the bad stuff on the dark web like the selling of drugs,assassins, and child pornography. Not to mention the countless articles and blogs on the Internet. So even if someone from countless different nations made something and put it on the Internet it is therefore british? You are ignorant and need to grow up

      2. Also bro we Americans are known for taking other ideas and their cultures in. that’s why we have the highest diversity than any country in history. Americans can’t be defined by color we are all different shades and love different cultures. Sure we Americans love your music you love our the world loves our music. who cares? We can go on and on about this artist, movie, and show but at the end of the day our people made something they loved and shared it and hoped it reached as many people as possible not restricted to an island or a huge country

    2. An American telling us Brits that we fly our flag too much? That is just priceless. I went to New York a few years back, and I thought I’d stepped into a US Army military base….the Stars and Stripes were hanging from EVERY building. It was frankly ridiculous, and actually made me feel a little uncomfortable. In terms of an Inferiority Complex – I agree, up to a point. We Brits are still a little annoyed that the US usurped us on the world stage as the pre-eminent superpower….insult added to injury by the fact that we failed to keep parts of America as a colony within our empire in the first place. That said, the USA as a nation has achieved remarkable things to develop itself as a nation within such a relatively short amount of time, adn I think we appreciate that. As for the Microsoft, Facebook etc. argument……pretty much look at the response from Anonymous for the British view on that. I’ll see your Gates and Zuckerberg, and raise you Tim Berners-Lee. and Alan Turing (in case you don’t know who he is, he basically invented the modern computer / computer science as we know it today – without him, there would be nothing.)

    3. Machine that is a very childish reaction to an otherwise FUN subject. We were all having fun and taking the piss before you opened your mouth. If you wish to say that you are hypocrites then the same could be said for people like you. You use a light bulb? British invention LONG before Eddison ergo Joseph Swan. You use a aircraft or a jet engine? John stringfellow and Frank whittle. You use a computer to spew your hatred? Mechanical computer Sir charles Babbage and the electronic (first) Alan Turin and Tommy Flowers. You use the web? Tim Bernes LEE. You use a telephone ergo Alexander Graham Bell. Your country uses tanks invented by a scottish man a certain MR Swinton. You use CHOBHAM (OUR old version 1) armour on your inferior M1A2 tanks another British invention. You watch a TV? invented By a scottsman called John Logie Baird. Need I go on?

      Your NASA uses orbits for their rockets etc called CLARKE orbits…….first developed by Sir Arthur C Clarke. Half your comedy is British Most of your music is British. Some of your national anthems are re-worked old British songs. Your amazing grace song that you play at American soldiers funerals etc etc was written by a BRITISH preacher called John Newton! Your precious Benjamin Franklin was British your president Thomas Jefferson communicated a great deal with William Wilberforce (the man that Abolished slavery) and he even Mr Jefferson cited that Mr Wilberforce was his inspiration. Your declaration of independence is nothing more than a direct copy of the English Magna-Carter

      In short almost EVERYTHING you take for granted today was developed by or in part by the British and I haven’t even TOUCHED on the amount of British inventions yet that you use today.

      Oh and movies, well ANYONE with an education knows that the FIRST MOVIE was made in YORKSHIRE (roundhay gardens and leeds bridge) so in short

      education triumphs over your ignorance

      Need i carry on?

      Education triumphs over ignorance every single time 😀

  12. This is a smashing article, what! No seriously, all of these are very true. As an American who has had the privilege of a lot of international experience and friendship, I can vouch for all of these. Only an Englishman could put so much sarcastic love into such an article, though. Not a trace of bitterness. Very spot-on.

  13. Speaking as a Canadian who has visited the US many times, I can say it is with a large breath of relief when I get back into Canada. Their food and coffee is particularly atrocious, and ours isn’t that great to begin with.

    Then there is the uber patriotism. Americans sometimes, though not often, ask you what you think of their place compared to home, and if you say you prefer home, are amazed. They are thoroughly brain-washed. The next comment is usually something to the effect that they could whip us with one hand tied behind their back. It’s all power and one-upmanship.

    Regarding geography, they don’t even know their own, let alone worrying about anywhere else. As a nation of local navel-gazers, they are only interested nationally ifhey are still number 1.

    I do enjoy a great deal of Northern New England, it’s the most open and they can actually laugh at themselves, unique in my travels south of the border, plus they can pronounce Worcester, unlike the rest of the USA and Canada.

    Travelling to England and Scotland, I do enjoy. No problems with Canadians and a lot of good-natured ribbing. Other than an inability to properly cook veggies, the food is fine as well, except in London, although I do not inhabit high end restaurants.

    Finally, open up a copy of the OED and learn to properly spell words like organize. It’s ize, not ise. It has been a source of great amusement to me over the years to observe the split between common usage and the so-called authority. Now if the average Brit knew that the plural of anything is not the word with an apostrope s, but merely the word with an added s, things would be really great.

    I mean: word’s fail me!

      1. Some language differences that reay piss me off:

        Wanking = Jerking
        Arsehole = Asshole
        Cuntface = George Bush
        Bugger = no translation
        Fag = Cigarette
        Path = a fucking ‘SIDE WALK’??
        – why the hell is it called that?
        Torch = Flashlight
        (They’re usually constant not flashing)
        And the reason US chocolate is so disgusting is its madd for the whole country where from Alaska to Death Valley, CA there are lots of temperature variants – so it has all sorts of disgusting stuff to keep it solid in ultra hot temperatures, hence not tasting of “milky chocolate”.. And US tv is crap, too many ultra long tacky comercials to be enjoyable

  14. I have issues with numbers 5, 10, and 12. I don’t get what’s so terrible about our sports. They’re not that bad. What’s stupid how serious you people get about football. You guys are way too competitive and are much more easily angered than we are when it comes to sports. With number 10, I do understand your irritation. Because it is your language we are spelling and pronouncing it incorrectly. However, you people took a lot from Latin and you mispronounce it’s roots every day in your words. As a lover of Latin, your ignorance in proper pronunciation irritates me. Before you get upset about the pronunciation of others, you need to check your own. Lastly, why would you be upset because someone is polite? All Americans are not polite, but the ones that are shouldn’t be disliked for it. By doing so, you people only push the stereotype of you being arrogant brutes. I personally do not believe in that stereotype, but you are pushing it by being against politeness.

    1. If I didn’t make it clear, this is not serious in the slightest.

      Why on earth would I dislike someone’s politeness? I love it, in fact.

      Please don’t be so sensitive to this – I mean very very little by it. I loved the USA when I visited. The people were fantastic too.

      1. Ok because that one truly baffled me. And about the 11th one, I have never heard of that stereotype before. Every British person I’ve ever seen had beautiful teeth. That stereotype was probably created by ignorant people with nothing to do. You people are probably way more hygienic than us.

  15. Don’t get angry at us Americans for not knowing your counties. A lot of us are too stupid to comprehend where our own states are. It’s sad that there are a lot of Americans that can’t even name all 50 states! It just baffles me that people can’t even place their hometown on a map.

  16. I thoroughly enjoyed your article. I do love tongue-in-cheek humor. Some of my favorite shows are from the UK (please send us some more–though also please don’t assume we all watch inane sitcoms and crap like reality shows!) I don’t think we can come close to producing anything like Chef, Black Adder (and all of its spin-offs), IT Team, Red Dwarf…I better end my list there or this post will be too long to fit on the screen without having to scroll down to finish it. I could point out Better off Ted and Thirty Rock as evidence that we have some wit. While I laughed out loud I still felt a bit of “Ouch!” or “Touché.” (Notice I refuse to say LOL or ROLF. As a teacher I am used to deciphering “invented spelling” so I can’t help but read these phonetically. I know what they mean, but I always read LOL as something one’s head does before falling off and ROLF as what a dog or cat does when it eats something it shouldn’t.) I’ve read more than one article/blog stating non-Americans aversion to our patriotism. I guess I was surprised that theirs wasn’t as strong. Perhaps some of it stems from 9/11. It had a huge impact on me and I don’t think I’ll ever “get over it.” It may seem pathetic, but then those Brits before your generation never “got over” Jerrys bombing the crap out of London so it’s understandable. I “googled” this article because I’m writing a book with an American girl and Englishman becoming close friends and it bothers me to be inaccurate. I’m not sure why, as I will never actually publish it, unless I could so with double pseudonyms so encrypted that even my own editor wouldn’t know my identity or even be quite sure I existed. He/she would enough to send me my advance and royalties of course!) But there, I’ve gone and “done been” one of those egotistical twits that take up valuable screen space! I just can’t seem to be pithy! (I am OCD enough to need to re-read texts three times and emails ten, so I hope no glaring grammatical/spelling errors slip through!)

  17. There’s American grammar and British grammar. My ACT Prep teacher drilled it in my head because her daughter lives somewhere in the UK now. I’m American and I found this article bittersweet for lack of better terms.

    1. It should be entirely ‘sweet’! As was stated, this is not serious at all! The only real thing I ‘hate’ is the jaywalking thing but that’s just a societal difference.

  18. I love this list.I love reading difference between us, and Britain. We’re a strage country. But aren’t we all??. I think a lot of our american kindness is the fact that we subconsciously know how easy we all get offended haha!

  19. Having just come back from a tour of the USA, I’ve written a similar article myself about the cultural differences. I agree with every single one you’ve written about! Especially the friendliness, I think I spoke to every person behind me in a queue, whilst entering a building and when sitting on a beach!

  20. Mixing up “Britain”/”United Kingdom” with “England” – as if the Scots, Welsh, and Northern Irish don’t exist.

  21. Haha! Wait!

    2. Hey! Give us a little more credit than that! We don’t pronounce the gh’s either! So it’d be more like Low-borow. 🙂 BTW: how do you pronounce Worcestershire?

    5. What about Australian football? Isn’t it similar to American football in that you carry it more than than kick it? Besides what else we’re we supposed to call it? Armball? Carryball? That’ll bring out the fans! 🙂 I do hate that we call real football soccer. I heard it comes from the English way of chopping names and adding ers on the end for the diminutive. I heard it from an English footballer on a BBC or NPR program, who said it came from the football associations where association was abbreviated to soccer. I don’t know if its true, but I still hate it. I call it football.

    6. It’s a familiarity problem. We aren’t intimately acquainted with enough Brits to distinguish from someone from Leicester or London. I don’t know if its our compartmentalism but its seems true in most cultures that everyone generalises something that they don’t know. All UKers look the same to me, although I can tell the difference between “Scottish,” “Irish,” and “British” “accents.” All French people look the same. All Africans look the same. All Arabs look the same. All Russians look the same. And in reverse it is the same, we look the same to you (fat materialists who drive Corvettes). Even native Americans think we all look the same.

    7. It’s a big world for the unenlightened. And it’s not just you. Back to the familiarity thing. – China is Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong. Japan is Tokyo. Iraq was Bagdad until the second war, and now its Fallujah and Bagdad. Israel is the worst though. For such a small country, its got four, and two aren’t even cities – Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, West Bank, and Giza. France is mostly Paris with sometimes a Cannes or for architects like me, Versailles (it isn’t even a city). Italy and Spain are a little more diverse. But it could be worse. North Ireland doesn’t even have a city attached to it. It’s just a bunch of people who kill each other because they can’t agree on being Protestant and Roman Catholic. Scotland is the Highlands and people wearing Kilts. Although I know there’s a city called Glasgow and they have proposed putting floating power plants on the river there. Ireland is just Dublin, leprechauns and pubs. So cheer up.

    8. Um, American website, American flag, American “over”patriotism. Yeah, we could put your flag beside ours, but you spell things different and we don’t have the time to make a “British” version. 🙂

    11. Ha! At least you have teeth. People from Arkansas are considered as missing most of theirs.

    12. You haven’t met any Californians or Utahns (wait they’re just ex-Californians) have you?

    This is all in jest and to be amusing, not a real criticism of your post.

  22. Just wanted to say great article and that I completely understand why a lot of that would piss people off especially The WW2 thing. I personally love the UK almost as much as I love America so it pisses me off when people insult both countries and I hope some AAmerica’s read this and have a better understanding of how some English feel.

    P.S although I’m Catholic and am a little hurt by the whole Anglican thing in history I know it’s in the past so I’ll move on and say God bless both the UK and the USA

  23. For me, being a British person and someone whom lived in Belfast during the 1970’s would be just one thing. Fourty years of IRA terrorist funding by many of the American people. THE IRA are not freedom fighters, they are convicted drug dealers, banks robbers and murders nothing more.

    It is historical fact that the IRA obtained the funds to purchase Semtex from Libya was through American (the people and not the government) people. Such groups as NORAID made matters worse and the aforementioned Semtex was used to blow up schools full of kiddies. For example how would you feel if the British started funding the Taliban?

    By the way both the British and the IRISH do not appreciate you glorifying the troubles in Belfast with such beverages entitled ‘An Irish Car bomb’ or Kill-A-Brit either! If you went to any areas of Ireland and asked for those drinks, even the southern Irish will beat you up!

    After that has been said we British do not mind America, they are ok (if you can get past the IRA Terrorism funding) and some childish attitudes as ‘Anonymous’ clearly displayed. Although in general (Been over there twenty times and had a right laugh) there a good many people over there but one fact that seems to stop us from being firm friends is understanding the British sense of criticising (note the spelling) everything. The foremost is that we are MORE critical of ourselves than any other nation as that is a part of our national sense of humour and mind-set. However in my experience Americans are usually of the opinion that if it doesn’t agree with them then it is not worth knowing and is not human. In other words (The Rammstein song We all lie in Amerika bares this point out.) Americans in general are totally incapable of accepting any other nations opinion or culture other than their own.

    In short I REALLY want to be friends with Americans and many are good decent people just trying to get along in life, but the IRA terrorism funding makes this hard.

  24. People love to hate. I’m a yank. I love Brits. How can you hate a people who gave the world the Beatles, Led .Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and a Gazillion other great rock bands!? Peace to all!

  25. I’m an American. I just realized I’ve been spelling like a Briton. I naturally want to change “z’s” to an “s”.

    Also, when it comes to Americans and the assumption that you guys have bad teeth, you called it when you said that it was because of movies. Everything we see is always negative. There was a facebook post that travelled around that was the Swedish posting photos of their average citizens that were beautiful then the next photo was of Brits and they looked like the people from our Jerry Springer show. The guests on that show are from the south, like Georgia or Louisiana.

    As a final note, Americans in the west like myself (northwest like Idaho) we hate the southern Americans with their trashy stories and horrible teeth. It’s sad, but true.

  26. Okay, you’re not going to like this, but I do adore how you speak. You’ll just have to deal with it. I play YouTube vids in the background of UK shows and docus just to hear the language, especially people like Jim Carter. Speaking of, yes, I love Downton Abbey, and am severely interested in your history.

    I’m from North Carolina originally, and have lost a lot of my Southern accent. But, I’m so tempted to, when I go to the UK, talk in the strongest, Southern NC accent that I can muster. Just for funzies. Oh, and walk slow and say, “Y’all” a lot. And, ask where is the nearest McDonalds.

    We don’t spell things wrong, the UK does. Nanny-boo-boo.

    I do admit the patrioticness is annoying, especially in the South. It’s insane here. I usually make fun of that, too, but you have to be careful. People get mad.

    Remember, not all Americans are the same. I don’t care about jaywalking. I don’t get therapy. I can’t name all the states. I could in elementary school, but that was a long time ago. I know that London is just a city, and doesn’t represent all of the UK. No more than NYC represents all of America. I am flattered that you think we’re polite. It makes life nicer.

    But, baseball IS the perfect sport, and I make no apologies.

    Did I mention I love your accents?

  27. This post was hysterical! I really enjoyed it. I do however feel compelled to defend Hershey’s chocolate 🙂 There is a very good documentary (yes I’m that big of a nerd) about Milton Hershey and he tried to get the chocolate recipe from the Europeans but of course they wouldn’t give it up so…he figured out his own recipe. Hershey chocolate has cooked milk in it and that’s the difference. It is the taste of my and I bet lots of Americans childhoods. I guess it’s what you’re used to. But again funny post.

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